Saturday, January 12, 2013

New start

  Oh wow hello there! Its been awhile since I post anything! Almost been a year now. Oh well, time flies so fast~ and Its 2013 now, page 12 of 365! I know its late but, Happy New Year everyone!!!! May you guys become a better person each day more than yesterday!

  My 2012 had been really great to me compare to 2011! and I really do sound like a dying whale back in 2011, by just reading my old post. So many things happen in 2012, so many memories to cherish, so many things I haven't told here too since I stop blogging around February 14th! Well, might as well today also will be my last post of 2013? Who knows since I'm a lazy-ass-woman to update stuff. What can I say about my fresh new beginning of 2013? The most exiting part is NO MORE SCHOOL!!!!!!!! Yes!! Since there's no school, I've been great being a dead mummy on my bed all day long after struggling for a whole year (psfttt not really). And Appa offered me being a teacher at some private school, I can't wait to teach!! but........ It would be really funny imagining me as a teacher.....since I'm small and I didn't know how to make some angry face without a single laugh on my face.. especially to children. Maybe some people couldn't even recognize which one is student and which one is the teacher. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the pain of being toooo short!!

  I've been thinking a lot lately, I'm feeling like doing some dramatic change in my life. I'm feeling like to start reading books and start to make lots of change in my room, since my room are just too dull. And start to work on my closet and buy new cloth! A haircut maybe? 

  Well I guess that's all for now! I don't know when I'm feel like blogging again but I will! And I really hope 2013 would be a wonderful year. I should be practicing my angry face now! Good day everyone! Have a nice, lovely start of 2013!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

14 February

    Happy Valentine's day to everyone!!!
 Especially to my comfy soft bed. Oh beddy I love you so much :* and to all my favorite food. I love you guys forever. :*
Bye now

I'm hoping for rainy day tomorrow

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Page 31 of 366

    Oh hello there. Today, its the end of January 2012! Thank you dear January for being nice to me. Hi there February :)

   I haven't got enough sleep lately. I've woke up at 6.30am went to school at 7.15am, back home at 1.40pm, take a nap for awhile around 3pm and woke up around 6pm, got tuition at 8pm, end class around 10pm/11pm and finish all my homework till 5am and went to bed and woke up at 6.30am again....

   Oh god .. If this going to be continue like this... Oh my.... I... don't..know.....

  Today was a pretty fine day I guess,  Bm teacher, Pi teacher absent for today so I did't get to do my presentation for today!!  I've slept in Chemistry class and Teacher Yogesh said 
"I couldn't scold you Nadhirah. You're too cute to be scold at" 
 since I didn't bring my English textbook. Awwwww she said that to the entire class.. awww teacher you've made my day ;___;

   Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I'm so tired now since I didn't take my nap this evening and I haven't done my physic homework yet. I've been doing that since I got back from school urghhhhhhhh. My head spinning, I don't feel good, feels like going to catch fever soon.....

    I'm going out for dinner now. Later peps

Friday, January 20, 2012

Page 20 of 366

   Oh hello guys! Happy Chinese New Year!!! hehe and happy one week holiday!!! Since I'm in form 5, I guess, no holiday for me ;___; Got tuition in the morning and later at 8pm got tuition again. *le sigh* this is tiring... Oh well..

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Page 10

 Oh hello there. I've just got back from school! Well, today was pretty much boring and the teacher give us TONS of homework that need to pass it up tomorrow....... Uhmm Ahhhhhhh but my baby bed wont let me leave le bed. ;^; Oh bed.... Y U SO COMFY?!

   Well, I'm officially........ form 5.... now...oh....damn... All the teacher are pretty much scary so....... k later guys bye.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year

   Grettings! I am late. But still, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Page 2 of 366, nothing awesome happen to me. And now, the beginning of page 3 and I hope it would be a better day. Oh bloody mood swing, tumblr mood on. Now playing; - Now watching; How I Met You Mother Awright. Goodnight, have a great day, happy new year and have a fresh start!

   And Oh, the vacation was awesome

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Clouds

   Greetings people! Hi there! November almost end and say hello to December! My birthday almost here.. Growing old day by day, minute by minute and I hate it. I just want to be forever young but it's a human nature, we're growing old and we can't avoid it.
   Black clouds all over me and I feel horrible. Maybe it just my bloody mood swing or I don't know. I just got news from my tuition mate that our chemistry tuition teacher, Mr. Param just passed away this evening because of heart diseases. This is just too depressing for me, I just can't stop crying after my mate told me about this.. He is the best chemistry teacher I EVER had. Without him, I'll be zero in chemistry since I never understood what my school chemistry teacher teach us in school. He really loves to make some nasty jokes that make us bursting laughing as hell in his class. He loves to say "sabar param sabar" and because of that, we made a facebook group and named it after him. And took his picture secretly, and put it as group picture. I'm so gonna miss "sabar param sabar" the most since it was his favourite word. May his soul rest in peace now.
RIP Mr. Param

   Going to Pangkor island tomorrow and back here in Shah Alam on Monday. Celebrate my birthday on Tuesday and on Wednesday going to Kedah and straight to Bangkok, Thailand and back here again on next Sunday maybe? I'll blog again when I'm bored. Bye now.

Friday, November 4, 2011


   Finally! After one whole month struggling and stu-dying like hell (psftt not really), EXAMS OVER! And now, hibernating mode; ON! Fuck all the 19 papers for 9 subject. Almost 3.30am now, and I'm still widely awake. Going to school tomorrow and it's gonna be my last day for this year.
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Now watching; Dashboard, emo posting ahead!

   And Oh! Happy Aidil Adha everyone! 

Saturday, October 29, 2011


  4 more paper left! then, goodbye school! I'm going to be absent until school end, and went back to school after school holiday end, say hell-o to form 5. I wonder if school will send me another warning letter? *idgf meme face* I'm going to spend all my holiday, hibernating in my room. Now Playing; Coldplay- Paradise Watching; My dashboard for sure. November almost here! Can't wait for my birthday on 29th -w-
Please be good dear November

  Ouh....damn...... I'm carving for.... Royal Red Velvet.......with.....lots.......of........gummy bear... That's it. tomorrow I'm out, tutti fruiti. Bye. See ya when I'm bored again~

Thursday, October 27, 2011

 Happy Deepavali!